Here we go again!

Posted on: 01/20/23 12:04 PM

Summer No 46 is just around the corner and for the first time ever, the house has not been wrecked during the winter for alterations, they’ve all been done! Just the new stair carpet to be laid before the summer arrives. We’re slowing down a bit now, so are only open from the end of […]

43 years and counting

Posted on: 02/6/21 11:27 AM

On February 28th 2021 Wenden will have been part of our lives for 43 years. Everyone keeps asking me when am I going to retire! Who could have imagined a year ago what was ahead of us all, and what is still ahead of us now. We have always changed with the times and now […]


Posted on: 05/14/18 8:44 AM

After one of the coldest, longest springs I can remember, the weather has turned at last. It didn’t help that the whole country was basking in the high 20’s over the bank holiday week-end while we were shrouded in sea mist and 12 degrees. Our very first visit to a garden I had wanted to […]

Winter down West

Posted on: 12/17/17 4:09 PM

Winter has well and truly arrived. Most of the country has been covered in snow and freezing temperatures, but not us here in Newquay. A positively balmy 3 degrees. We couldn’t have picked worse weather to go away for a break, but you can’t move your anniversary just because the sun isn’t shining! St Ives […]