43 years and counting

Posted on: 02/6/21 11:27 AM

On February 28th 2021 Wenden will have been part of our lives for 43 years. Everyone keeps asking me when am I going to retire! Who could have imagined a year ago what was ahead of us all, and what is still ahead of us now. We have always changed with the times and now is the time for yet another reincarnation.

Sadly, we are no longer able to offer breakfast in our lovely dining room, so it will now serve as a small gallery for our photos and art work along with Mike’s framing business.

Rooms 5 & 6 are no more, they have now been turned into one lovely big room which means we can have a table and chairs in every room, so somewhere to sit and eat the breakfast bags we will have on offer.

Here’s hoping I will have had both my jab’s by the time we open in May, and we can all feel at lot safer by then.